Frequently Asked Questions

1) What can I use these pearls with?

All of our pearls have been personally tested by us with good results in : Plasti Dip, Halo EFX, Protek,  and Automotive Paint.


2) How do I use these pearls to dip/paint my car?

To use our Pearls in Plasti Dip follow these simple steps.

i) Pick a base coat color. The base coat depends on the color of pearl you are spraying. Different base coats alter the color of the pearls once sprayed. We recommend a color matching basecoat for lighter, brighter colors (white, orange, yellow) and a black basecoat for all other colors. For example, a red basecoat if you are spraying a red pearl will make the red more vibrant.

ii)Once you have the basecoat laid down, mix the suggested amount of the pearl per gallon clear, gloss, or clear/gloss mix. 

This method is the same for Plasti Dip, Halo EFX, Protek, etc. If you are mixing into automotive paint we have found that a mixture of 25 grams per quart of clear works well.


3) How much pearl do I use per Gallon?

50 grams per gallon for Dip and 25 grams per quart for automotive paint. For our "ColorShift" pearls, we recommend 75 grams per gallon.


4) How well do the pearls cover?

All of our pearls cover exceptionally well. We have reached full coverage on almost all of our colors after approximately 2 coats.


5) What color can I mix the pearls into?

We recommend mixing the pearls into either clear plasti dip or gloss plasti dip. Clear Plasti Dip will give the pearls more of a “matte” finish while the glossifer will give them more of a satin like sheen. When going for a satin look on our own cars however, we like to mix clear and gloss at 1:1 ratio, this gives the finish much more of a sheen than spraying with clear plasti dip, but not too much as if you were spraying straight gloss.

The pearls also can be mixed into almost any automotive base clear.


6) Can I use these pearls in other paints?

Yes, absolutely! These pearls were developed for use in any and all automotive paints, and we've seen nothing but great results with all paints and liquid wrap products!


7) Can I mix these pearls into colored Dip/Paint?

Yes, you most certainly can. However, please keep in mind that the pearlescent effect of the pearls will be muted by the opaqueness of the colored Plasti Dip/Paint. If you are looking to slightly alter the color of the pearls we offer, we recommend either mixing them with another colored pearl, or mixing 1 bottle of Plasti Dip tint per gallon of pearl mix.


8) What do pearls do? Why should I use them?

Pearls, even when mixed into standard matte clear Plasti Dip, give plasti dip a pearlescent finish. They reflect light the same way pearl paint does. Pearls also unlock endless color with Plasti Dip. Without it you are only limited to a very small selection of colors. You can also use Pearls to mimic the finish that many people are spending over $2,000 to get in vinyl wraps.


9) Where can I buy Plasti Dip?

All Plasti Dip products are available on our website at :


10) Will the pearls affect the peelability of Plasti Dip?

Absolutely not. If mixed and sprayed properly Plasti Dip mixed with Pearls will peel just the same as standard Plasti Dip.


11) Why should I buy from KP Pigments?


3 Simple reasons. Color selection. Customer Service. And Fast shipping.

There’s a reason why the best dippers in the nation strictly use our pearls.


12) How will my products be shipped? When should I expect them?

All products are shipped via USPS Priority mail the same or next business day that your order is placed. Depending on where you live, expect only 1-3 days shipping time to anywhere in the United States.




We accept exchanges for all pearl related orders within 7 days of receipt. Due to the legality of shipping hazardous materials, we cannot accept returns or exchanges for any Plasti Dip or Halo EFX related products.



We are never more than a phone call or e-mail away. All messages are replied to the same business day.

If you have any other questions please feel free to e-mail our team at :


Also, please be sure to check out the forums at www.DipMyRide.Net for further questions, product reviews, and tips and tricks, and also join the Facebook Group for Dippers : Dippers Anonymous