Tire Stickers

TIRE STICKERS®, the exclusive global provider of unique branding solutions engineered for simple, steadfast application to tire sidewalls.  Our variety of products can be used for personal, commercial, high-performance automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles and off-road vehicles. Tire Stickers offers customers the ability to design custom tire letter kits and logos in short term durability or permanent, raised-rubber lettering that will truly make a statement.  We presently offer two core tire letter products to consumers, both are sold as a curved decal with transfer film, no time or money wasted trying to piece together letters individually!

There are two methods of determining the proper fitment for your tire: 
  1. Measure the sidewall surface with a ruler - Be sure to measure the sidewall, NOT the entire surface from tread to wheel!  If you have any doubt, send us a photo!
  2. Generic Tire Sizing guidelines - Use the generic tire sizing chart below to guide your decision.  Identify the aspect ratio or series (generally the middle number of the tire specification) and match to the chart.  Note: some tires may have a unique aspect ratio outside of these guidelines, when in doubt email us!
Tire Series Specification          MAX Recommended Letter Height
                20                                                   0.5"
                   25                                                   0.75"
                30                                                   1.0"
                   35                                                   1.25"
                   40                                                   1.25"
                 45                                                   1.5"
                   50                                                   1.75"
                 55                                                   2.0"
Tire Size: 245/45/R17    Recommended Height: 1.5"
When in doubt, it is safest to size the same height as the tire manufacturer's brand letters.  Anything larger may risk damage in cornering or standard driving conditions.