DipPearl TopCoat Gallon Bundles

Multiple gallons of the DYC DipPearl TopCoat at a reduced price.

The DipPearl High-Gloss Pearl & Finishing Clear is an ultra gloss, crystal clear topcoat that can be used for pearl, flake or gloss finishing coats. Suspends pearls and flakes extremely well while maintaining an outstanding level of clarity. For high-gloss finish, a minimum of 3 gloss top finishing coats is recommended (over and above any pearl or additive coats). 

* Not available for purchase in CA. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions page for more details.  Product should only be applied over a solid base (min 4-5 coats) of Plasti Dip.   Avoid contact with plastics and trim.  If your car has been newly painted or repainted, please test a small area before applying to whole car.