Autoflex is a brand new product that is a peelable automotive paint made for professionals. AutoFlex will offer a variety of different finishes and colors so that every installer has every option possible. This time however we decided to take it up a notch with a special color never before seen.
The base coat on this BMW was Black Spray Wrap Pro.
With its incomparable smooth finish it makes the perfect base for the gloss.
2 tack coats, followed by 7 coats of the black Spray Wrap Pro were used.
2 coats of Spray Wrap Pro Clear were used and a total of 25 grams of the ZTN Pearl were laid on top.
All that was needed for the Gloss Top Coat was 1 super light tack coat, then 1 heavy coat of the Gloss Top Coat. No wet-sanding, no buffing, straight out of the gun.
AutoFlex Coating, Coming in January 2016!